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25 December 2006 @ 11:16 pm
What have I learned in 2006? Patients and forgiveness are the keys to leading a healthy life. Those two things plus trust, which isn't to be given out lightly. I think I've learned a lot this year and I think I've grown a lot this year. I don't think some people would agree with me but I think I have.

I can't say that i'm INCREDIBLY happy with my life now. But, I'm getting there, i've got a fantastic job, FINALLY. My family is healthy, i'm healthy (for the most part). I still have somethings that I'd like really much to change. I'm well on my way to doing that though and I think this next year is going to be the start of a whole new me. Okay, so I shouldn't say a WHOLE new me but I think I should say a new better me as far as outward appearances go. Maybe a few personal traits I need to get rid of.

I think all in all though 2007 is going to be a MUCH better year than 2006 was. Please let it be lord.
Current Mood: thoughtful